White Himalayan Salt Formation next to fresh basil, cinnamon, thyme, and anise
Fresh herbs are added to the Salt Lounge to enhance the beneficial healing properties.
Inside the Salt Lounge
Our Himalayan Salt chunks are not glued together but are free forming pieces to allow vibrational healing.
Spending Time in her Peace around 5, 000 pounds of Himalayan Red, White, Grey, Orange, and Pink Salt.
Halo Salt Lounge’s Light Body Himalayan Salt Scrub made with red and black Himalayan salt.
You can sit in the zero gravity chairs or spend time on the powder-like salt on the floor..
Some of our products including the Himalayan Tequila Shot Glasses, which goes well with Hot Chocolate too!
The beginning of the Romance Package in the Resting Room…shhh…we can’t show you everything. Each package is customized per couple.
Posterity Medicinal Wines by Halo Salt Lounge
Handcrafted eye masks filled with rice, flaxseed, and Himalayan Salt to use during your sessions. They are also available for purchase.