The Process

Upon your arrival, you will spend the first 15 minutes in the Resting Room, enjoying our energized water, Himalayan Salt foot dome lamps, and a selection of pillows and cushions for relaxation before your session. Lockers and robes are provided for you to change into your clothes (with bathing suits as the minimum requirement) during this time.

Depending on the package or type of session you select will determine the full duration of your HALO Experience

After the initial 15 minutes, you will be guided to the Salt Lounge, where you can access zero gravity chairs, weighted blankets, and our premium essential oil eye masks to enhance your Halo Experience. The duration of the Salt Lounge experience is 45 minutes.

Following your session, you will return to the Resting Room for another 15 to 20 minutes. Here, we offer a variety of teas (selected based on the herbs used in The Salt Lounge) and a peaceful environment for reflection. Additionally, any selections from our A La Carte menu will be served to you during this time.

The Promotions

The Prices

If you would like to inquire about renting the lounge for gatherings, meditation/yoga classes, etc, please email us at : Special pricing is available. Follow on Instagram for special events and giveaways.

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